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Boating adventures…

end of the wake season

The last wakeboard ride for this season was last Sunday morning October 3rd. Ryan pulled three flawless 360’s and several tantrums. He even landed a new backside 180 (but dropped the rope). K8 continued her jumping streak with two fall-free runs. I managed to carve around and land a few 360’s without hurting myself (ribs are still hurty).


Hell yeah, that’s more hours in one summer then we ever put on my dad’s boat growing up. Albeit we have been lucky with high water levels and an everlasting indian summer.

Yet, after a sweet sweet long season, it was time to winterize the engine.


I hope I did it right…

Injury list…

I think we might need to start having our friends sign a liability waiver. I’m joking, but as the season comes to an end this week the SNOB has chalked up 6 injuries this year:

In rough order…

  1. Fractured foot: k8
  2. Two cracked ribs: Casey
  3. Cut ear: k8
  4. Fractured rib, trip to ER: Ian
  5. Sprained ankle: J
  6. Ruptured ear drum: Chris