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double flat

Mountain bike all set to go, cables, bearings, bled the brake,  chain, bled the brake again.  Pedals should show up tomorrow.

Been lazy to switch pedals over so I’ve been riding the crosscheck in the mean time.  Rode parts of maxwell to get up top… then managed to somehow double flat on the reservoir high trail.  Pinch flat on the rear, then while I’m standing there inspecting, the front pops!?  wha wha wha whaaaaa…

mtb tlc

While my pedals are back at crankbros for the 3rd time (been cracking them routinely?), I thought I’d take the time to give the Limo some TLC.  I bought new cables and plan to address a sticky rear brake, then also discovered my new-ish primo bb bearings were shot to hell.  Disappointing…  back to the $5 steelies from the local fan shop.

Bearings serviced and repacked (get me by for a while), cables done, now the brake hmmm…  I don’t really feel like doing it, but bleed the brake I must.