Horsetooth Mill Creek – devastated

I made it up to Horsetooth this weekend. First time doing the Towers and Mill Creek loop this year.  I had heard there was some damage at the park from the last heavy wet snow fall a week ago, but didn’t think it would be so devastating.

Frankly, most of the park is fine, tacky and fast right now for mountain biking.  Mill Creek though in particular is a mess.

There are so many fallen tree’s from heavy snow just on that part of the park that Mill Creek is absolutely impassable by bike, hardly by hiking.   It will take weeks for crews to clear it up.  There is not a single 200 foot section of that trail that is not blocked in some way!!  Bummer … almost any and every tree that was healthy took a beating.  I’ll be looking for volunteer days up there to help with the clean up.

On the brighter side – nothing like a freshly tuned-up mountain bike…

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